Cavalierino Winery

Montepulciano (Siena) - Italia

Our mission

We are conscious that today with globalization, the world is plenty of bad quality food and wines using chemical products that are damaging people’s health.
Our mission is to produce high quality products that are enjoying life and and good for the health.
The red wines are rich of Flavonoids and other substances that are good for health,blood and metabolism,but,added chemical products damage the liver, brain and circulating in the body are creating unknown effects.
Aurelio Busani nella barriccaia del Cavalierino

Our policy

In the farm every action is planned, controlled and verified from the field to the bottling, packaging and shipping to assure the highest level of quality.

Azienda Agricola Cavalierino Organic Winery

A strategic place

The location and the nature are helping us in realizing our products!!! Cavalierino is located on top of the Poggiano hill, surrounded by forest, creating a real organic island.
The altitude: 450Mt. above sea level donate a microclimate with good temperature excursion between day and night. Constant ventilation avoids the bacteria proliferation in the vineyard
Top hill location aloud the vineyard to a full day sun bath.
Le vigne dell'Azienda Agricola Cavalierino di Montepulciano

The grape cultivation

Most of the operations are manually done. Fertilizers are organic, the grass within the row are alternatively creating a natural fertilizer while keeping a natural level of humidity in the summer season.
Green harvest allow to bring to maturation only the best grapes and plants are not over stressed.
Harvest is manually done in slots, selecting the more mature grapes every time and permitting to the grapes that were not well exposed to reach the perfect maturation.
Le cisterne in acciaio

The winemaking process

Grapes are softly pressed and then sent to a stainless steel barrel where they are submitted to refrigeration for a minimum of 10 days with constant remounting every 6 hours.
This operation allows emphasizing the flavor of the wine.
After this process we warm up the barrel in order to start the fermentation without adding any yeast.

Aging and refining

At fermentation ended the wine is transferred to the barriques, where it is left for a minimum of one year, then after the clarification process using only natural products (white of the eggs) the wine is bottled and then left for refining for one year minimum before introducing in the market.


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